Fire retardant ribbon

Making satin ribbon fire retardant

Satin ribbons are relatively quickly flammable due to the raw material consisting of polyester threads.
It can be important to ensure fire safety, especially in situations where these ribbons are used near open flames, candles or other sources of heat.

Reasons to make satin ribbon fire retardant


Satin ribbons that are not fire retardant can catch fire quickly and cause a fire.
This can be dangerous, especially if the ribbons are near flammable materials or people.
By making them fire retardant, you delay the onset of fire and give people more time to react and extinguish or evacuate the fire.


There are regulations, laws or standards that require the use of fire retardant materials in situations.
This typically applies to public events, theatres, hotels, museums and other locations where fire safety is paramount.

Property protection

Fire retardant ribbons can prevent fire from spreading quickly and limit damage to property.
This is particularly relevant in commercial environments, such as shops and exhibitions, where ribbons are used as decoration.

Professional use

In industries such as the event industry or interior decoration, fire retardant properties of satin ribbons may be a requirement to meet safety standards.
Insurance requirements can also determine this.

The procedure for making satin ribbon fire retardant has been developed by us in collaboration with a professional fire prevention company.
After impregnation, the already tested material can be classified as flame retardant in the sense of NEN EN ISO 6941.
If you go abroad with the materials, inquire whether this standard is accepted.
This is not always the case.

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