Ribbon wholesale

Satin ribbon, organza and various other ribbons

Ribbon wholesale

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Lintkopen.nl is a wholesaler of ribbons and webbing and supplies exclusively to business customers.
We buy our ribbons directly from manufacturers in Europe and Asia.
This makes our prices very attractive. We have a limited stock of our own, despite this, we also deliver large orders within approximately 8 working days.
This choice means a smaller overhead that benefits you as a customer.

The minimum order amount is € 150.
Do you have questions about our range, our products or your order?
Simply contact our customer service at (+031)(0)637474742.

Ribbons on size or fire retardant

In addition to selling satin ribbon, we can also process it.
We offer the option to cut the ribbons to any possible size.
The method used is identical in that it is carried out without fraying.

If desired, we can also make these strips of ribbon fire-retardant.
Useful if you are using it for an indoor event.
For more information, please feel free to contact us.